Maple Ave: GHOSTS IN THE HALL – The Aftermath of Bullying


From: Maple Ave – Teen Drama Video Series

-For Grades 7-12
-Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
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The second episode in the award-winning Maple Ave series focuses on teen bullying and the tragedies inherent when parents, as well as their teenage children, unfairly label one another.




  • Spotlight & better recognize the signs of teen bullying and depression.
  • Explore the impact that bullying has on a teen’s mental health and overall well-being.
  • To examine what peers, educators, and parents can do to reach out to a teen they feel may be the victim of a bully and/or struggling with depression.


The second episode in the award-winning “Maple Ave” series focuses on teen bullying and the tragedies inherent when parents, as well as their teens, unfairly label one another.

Jim has reached the edge of violence after being the victim of incessant bullying.  Unfortunately, Jim’s family doesn’t help him cope with his problems and things get progressively worse.  In contrast, Jenny’s family engages in healthy confrontations as they cope with their concerns following Jenny’s period of depression, from the episode “Jenny’s Reasons.”

Run Time: 23 minutes

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Maple Ave: HATING TAMI - A Look at Female BullyingLW-MAPLE-V05, $79.95
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Maple Ave: MORE THAN THIS - Steroid Abuse & Eating DisordersLW-MAPLE-V06, $79.95
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Maple Ave: PROMISE ME - Parents With AddictionsLW-MAPLE-V07, $79.95
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Maple Ave: LOVES ME NOT - A Story About Dating ViolenceLW-MAPLE-V08, $79.95
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Maple Ave: AFTER I'M GONE - A story About Suicide AwarenessLW-MAPLE-V09, $79.95
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Maple Ave: TURN IN THE ROAD - A Story About Distracted Driving & Its AftermathLW-MAPLE-V10, $79.95
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