• Groark Learns About PREJUDICE (dvd)

    From: GETTING ALONG WITH GROARK – Video Series

    -For grades K-3
    -Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -In both Spanish and English
    -With the Popcorn Park Puppets
    -Free online video streaming included!

    Groark and his friends are planning a party. Burna convinces the others not to invite the new kid in school because he is “different.” But when Groark learns that Burna doesn’t even know the new kid, he turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in prejudice. They discuss how people sometimes treat others unfairly because of size, age, gender, race, ethnicity and national origin, and why it’s important not to pre-judge people. Groark takes this lesson in prejudice back to his friends and they decide to invite the new kid.

  • You Can Choose: BEING FRIENDS (dvd)

    From: YOU CAN CHOOSE! Video Series

    -For Grades K-5
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Free online video streaming included!

    Being best friends isn’t always easy. Rhonda, Missie, and Fiona learn about the complex nature of friendship. When Missie is not invited to the “in” party, the three girls sort out some important issues about friendship and deal with what it means to be left out.