• Character Journal Interactive: CITIZENSHIP

    From: Character Journal Interactive – Software Series

    -For Grades 7-12
    -Interactive Software for Windows
    -Created in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!

    This journal-based interactive CD ROM leads students to an understanding of what it means to be a responsible member of the community. and it reveals how they can contribute to the common good, serve their community, and make our democracy work. In working with this CD ROM students are called upon to watch, listen, think, write, read, evaluate, analyze, and apply.

  • In Search of Character: CITIZENSHIP

    From: IN SEARCH OF CHARACTER – Video Series

    -For grades 7-12
    -Produced in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!
    -Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Available on DVD or Online Digital Video Streaming

    Citizenship, at its core, is social responsibility in action. This program considers what it means to be a good citizen – including doing your part for the common good, serving your community, and helping make our democracy work. And as proof that one person can make a big difference, we see the remarkable adventure of a teenage boy whose modest efforts at community service snowballed into legislative action that changed the way the state of Florida feeds its needy.