• Character Journal Interactive: FAIRNESS

    From: Character Journal Interactive – Software Series

    -For Grades 7-12
    -Interactive Software for Windows
    -Created in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!

    This journal-based interactive CD ROM leads students to an understanding of how treating people with fairness and respect is fundamental to getting along with each other and creating a just social climate. In working with this CD ROM students are called upon to watch, listen, think, write, read, evaluate, analyze, and apply.

  • In Search of Character: FAIRNESS

    From: IN SEARCH OF CHARACTER – Video Series

    -For grades 7-12
    -Produced in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!
    -Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Available on DVD or Online Digital Video Streaming

    Nothing makes people bristle like injustice, but often it’s difficult to know what’s fair and what isn’t, or what to do when faced with injustice. This program helps young people understand how to live by the golden rule, what it takes to be a fair and just person, and how much our personal actions do matter.