• CHILDREN OF MILITARY FAMILIES: Military Kids Share Their Stories – Video Series

    -For Grades K-8
    -Video with Extensive Printable Workbook
    -Military Kids Share Their Stories
    -Free online video streaming included!

    In Professor Child’s Children of Military Families series, children teach others what it’s like to have a parent deployed in the military by sharing their personal stories. We hear what deployment means to them, the struggles they have faced, and how they have worked through challenging times. The authentic advice they offer will leave viewers with a sense of hope and an understanding that they are not alone in experiencing the deployment of a loved one. Each volume includes a companion workbook with numerous discussion questions and creative exercises corresponding to the film.


    From: GET ALONG MONSTERS – Video Series

    -For Grades K-4
    -Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Free online video streaming included!

    Making mistakes can typically cause children to feel bad about themselves and elicit feelings of anger and frustration. It’s important for students to learn to distinguish between different kinds of mistakes such as silly mistakes, mistakes that take time to fix, and mistakes that can’t be fixed. In this program, kids learn that mistakes are just a part of everyone’s life. It’s how we respond to the mistakes we make that really matters. This program, promotes the fact that mistakes happen and that a mistake can be a learning experience. In addition, children will come to understand that through hard work and practice, some mistakes can be repaired.

  • Lesson Booster: Angry?

    -For Grades K-3

    Angry? These 4 programs will provide ways for children to identify, talk about, and handle their anger.

  • Making Decisions: I Can’t Decide

    -For Grades K-2

    Mort, a lively puppet friend, has learned the important steps to making good decisions, and he passes them along to viewers by sharing stories out of his “How To Make Good Decisions” book.

  • Making Decisions: What Should I Do?

    -For Grades 3-5

    Teach youngsters the steps inherent in decision-making. Dramatic scenarios and open-ended hypothetical situations teach valuable skills and prompt discussion about making good decisions and that decision have consequences.

  • You Can Choose: ASKING FOR HELP (dvd)

    From: YOU CAN CHOOSE! Video Series

    -For Grades K-5
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Free online video streaming included!

    Moose learns not to let pride or embarrassment get in the way of asking for help. After ruining a group science project, Moose finds that the only good way to cope with his “secret” reading problem is to get the help he needs to overcome it.