• LifeSteps: The ABC’s of Emotional Intelligence

    From: LIFESTEPS – Video Series

    -For grades 7-12
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Includes Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Free online video streaming included!

    Success in life requires a complex set of intellectual, emotional, social and ethical skills. This introductory program outlines the key elements of emotional intelligence – Assets, Balance, and Character – as students discover they have the power to bounce back, balance emotional and academic demands, and make positive choices.

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  • PEACETALKS – Violence Prevention Video Series with Michael Pritchard

    -For grades 6-12
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Includes Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Available on DVD or Online Digital Video Streaming

    PeaceTalks with Michael Pritchard teaches kids how to avoid dangerous situations, handle their own emotions, and use conflict resolution skills to diffuse potentially violent confrontations. Filmed in schools across the U.S., this series addresses the real issues of violence that kids face in school, on the streets, and even at home.

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