• Big Changes, Big Choices: RESPECTING OTHERS

    From: BIG CHANGES, BIG CHOICES Video Series

    -For grades 5-9
    -Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Free online video streaming included!

    This program emphasizes that everyone is entitled to respect regardless of appearance, race, national origin, disability, social status, etc. It attempts to sensitize kids to the feelings of others, and develop in them a value for treating people respectfully.

  • Common Psychological Disorders of Adolescence

    -For Grades 7 & Up
    -DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    This reassuring video focuses on several real teens who are struggling with some of the most common psychological problems that occur in adolescence: anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse disorder.

  • Handling Bullies When You’re LGBTQ

    -For Grades 7 & Up
    -DVD + Printable Teaching Guide
    -Released in 2019

    Did you know that young people who identify as LGBTQ are at an increased risk for bullying? Young people who do not adhere to gender norms or typical heteronormative behavior are much more likely to be…

  • PeaceTalks: Bridging Racial Divisions

    From: PEACETALKS – Video Series

    -For grades 6-12
    -Featuring Michael Pritchard
    -Includes Printable Teacher’s Guide
    -Available on DVD or Online Digital Video Streaming

    An exploration of how racial divisions affect everyone. Triggers to violence, such as racial slurs are examined. Young people discuss how to build communications across racial and ethnic lines with self, family and community pride being a foundation of respect for others, cultural inclusion, and non-violence.