We started Live Wire Media over 30 years ago because we wanted to create entertaining educational media that combines solid curricular materials with humor. It was important to us to make videos that children wanted to watch. With a grant from Nestle Foods, we created the 12-part television series, “The Power of Choice,” which was broadcast nationally on PBS, and is still used in schools across the country.

Since then, we have continued to produce award-winning video series for guidance and character education. We created two more series with the host of “The Power of Choice,” a well-known youth counselor and comedian Michael Pritchard. We’ve worked with Character Counts! to create three video series and a set of interactive CD-ROMs based on the Six Pillars of Character. And, with the help of ventriloquist Randel McGee and a team of talented puppeteers, we created the Popcorn Park Puppets, who currently star in two video series, a storybook, and their own website, PopcornPark.com.  On the horizon, there are more videos to come.

In addition to our video work, we also host an informational website, GoodCharacter.com. This website provides a wealth of free character education information for K-12 teachers, coaches, youth group leaders, and others.

We have also co-authored a series of articles on using Socratic Method in the classroom, based on our experience producing our various character education videos. These articles have been published in prestigious educational journals, including “Educational Leadership,” and they can also be found at GoodCharacter.com.

We hope that you’ll continue to turn to us whenever you need quality resources for Character Education, Guidance, or Life Skills.
Freddy & David




Freddy Sweet, Ph.D. is a graduate of the London Film School and holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan. He has taught all ages of students, from elementary, through high school, university, and adult education. In the seventies he was an Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of California at Berkeley. In Hollywood he produced Kevin Costner’s first feature film, “Stacy’s Knights.” Freddy Sweet and his wife Lin have two daughters, Ebbe and Olivia.

David Elkind is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a B.A. in Communications. After college, Mr. Elkind spent three years in New York, where he was a teaching assistant in film production at NYU. In 1972 he moved to California and founded the Berkeley Film Institute, which he directed for five years. Before co-founding Live Wire Media, Mr. Elkind was an independent producer of medical films, documentaries, and television commercials. He is married and has a seventeen-year-old son, Benji.