You Can Choose: DOING THE RIGHT THING (dvd)

You Can Choose: DOING THE RIGHT THING (dvd)


From: YOU CAN CHOOSE! Video Series

-For Grades K-5
-Featuring Michael Pritchard
-Free online video streaming included!

Teaches children the importance of doing what’s right rather than what they can get away with. One of ten DVDs in the K-5 guidance series, You Can Choose, by Michael Pritchard.




  • Children learn to think about whether something is right or wrong before making a choice.
  • Children learn that there’s an important difference between doing what’s right and doing what they can get away with.
  • Children learn guidelines for deciding what is the right thing to do.


In episode #5 of this series, we see that doing the right thing often feels a lot better than doing whatever we think we can get away with. At least that’s what Rhonda and Fiona discover when they find a lost wallet on the playground. The girls struggle with the temptation to spend the money before finally concluding that it’s not theirs to spend. And when they see what it means to the person who lost it, they feel very good that they decided to do the right thing.

Each volume is approximately 25 minutes in length. A printable teaching guide is included with each video, providing plenty of discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that support the lesson.

Sample Video Clip from the You Can Choose! Series:

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