WHO WOULD YOU FIRE? – Job Skills Video

WHO WOULD YOU FIRE? – Job Skills Video


From: Who Would You Hire / Fire / Promote? – Video Series

-For High School & Adults
-Video + Printable Teaching Guide & Student Activities

The business is moving and one of six employees has to be let go. Who will it be? Your students watch the six interviews and decide for themselves whom they would fire.




Students learn about the kinds of job skills and attitudes necessary to hold a job.

Jason is the owner of Airplay Sports & Espresso, a coffee shop. Jason has two locations, but is planning on closing both to open in East Heights, the new place to be in the city. Unfortunately, one shop doesn’t need two staff.

Some employees have left voluntarily, but Jason still needs to let one person go. He is going to interview six employees and your students get to make a decision who would be let go. Your students will watch each of the short interviews, evaluate the employees, and decide who Jason should fire.

Includes printable teacher’s guide with discussion questions and student activities.

  • Copyright 2014
  • Running Time: 28 minutes
  • Closed-captioned
  • Easy access menu for each interview
  • Aligned with CCSS

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Teaching Guide:

Sample Video Clip

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