The Character Chronicles: THE RESPECT CONNECTION

The Character Chronicles: THE RESPECT CONNECTION


From: The Character Chronicles — Middle School Character Ed / SEL Video Series

-For Grades 4-8
-Produced in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!
-Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
-Free online video streaming included!

Teaches middle schoolers the importance of treating people with respect. One of six DVDs in the character education series “The Character Chronicles.”




Benjy, a fourteen-year-old boy, is presenting his classroom video blog on the topic of respect. Through a combination of skits, group discussions, commentaries, and a short documentary, Benjy’s blog reveals how young people think about and practice respect for others. Benjy explores the idea that how we treat each other and the world around us matters. We listen in on discussions among young people focusing on their thoughts regarding respect. Challenged by an animated Mother Earth who thinks nobody respects her, Benjy narrates a documentary about an educational program in Georgia where kids are tackling the issue of respect for the earth through their own hard work.


Presented from the points of view of six middle school video bloggers, this series explores The Six Pillars of Character through the thoughts and personal experiences of young people throughout the U.S. The series contains a variety of entertaining and provocative elements including inspiring documentaries, humorous vignettes, and insightful teen discussions about each of the pillars. These compelling chronicles sparkle with a hip, modern, energetic style that appeals to young viewers.

Each volume in the series is approximately 25 minutes in length. A printable teaching guide is included with each video, providing discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that further support and extend the lesson.

Sample Video Clip from The Character Chronicles Video Series:

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