In Search of Character: RESPONSIBILITY

In Search of Character: RESPONSIBILITY



-For grades 7-12
-Produced in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!
-Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
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Responsibility is often regarded as a burden, but in this volume we discover that it is actually a great source of personal power, and the key to taking charge of our lives.




Responsibility is often regarded as a burden, but in this volume we discover that it is actually a great source of personal power. It is the key to taking charge of our lives. As a case in point, we see the remarkable example of a young woman who grew up in poverty but transformed her life by taking complete responsibility for shaping her own future. We learn that responsible people do what needs to be done, fulfill their obligations, are accountable for their actions, use good judgment, and don’t let people down.



The In Search of Character series focuses on the ten virtues most commonly named by parents, educators, and community groups concerned with character education. While each of these words evokes its own meaning, what counts most, like colors on a canvas, is the way they interact to paint a complete picture. In Search of Character is not about teaching individual virtues, it’s about helping young people construct a vision of themselves as good people and then live up to that vision. It’s about showing them that, in a world where poor character is so commonplace, they can choose to be better than that.

Each volume is approximately 25min in length and includes a printable teaching guide filled with discussion questions, group activities, and writing assignments that further support the lesson.


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