PeaceTalks: Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment


PeaceTalks: Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment


From: PEACETALKS – Video Series

-For grades 6-12
-Featuring Michael Pritchard
-Includes Printable Teacher’s Guide
-Free online video streaming included!

This video discusses common misunderstandings between the sexes, when flirting crosses the line, sexual harassment, sexual coercion, date rape, and learning to say no to abuse. Teens learn basic attributes of resiliency and the importance of building healthy relationships. Filmed across America in real schools with real students.




How to say no to abuse and learn the importance of building healthy, positive relationships.

Each volume in the PeaceTalks series is approximately 30 minutes in length. A printable facilitator’s guide is included on each video which contains discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that support the lesson.

Sample Video Clip:

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PEACETALKS - Violence Prevention Video Series with Michael PritchardLW-GG-PEA-SERIES $539.95
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PeaceTalks: Resolving ConflictsLW-GG-PEA-V02 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Managing Your AngerLW-GG-PEA-V03 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Dealing with Bullies, Troublemakers and Dangerous SituationsLW-GG-PEA-V04 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Respecting Yourself and OthersLW-GG-PEA-V05 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Handling Dating Pressures and HarassmentLW-GG-PEA-V06 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Bridging Racial DivisionsLW-GG-PEA-V07 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Handling Peer Pressure and GangsLW-GG-PEA-V08 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers to ViolenceLW-GG-PEA-V09 $59.95
PeaceTalks: Stepping Up To PeaceLW-GG-PEA-V10 $59.95

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