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Bully Bystanders: You Can Make a Difference

For grades 7-College

DVD with Teaching Guide

Most teens don't like to see their peers bullied but are not sure whether or how to respond. This video offers the empowering message that the most effective way to deal with bullying is through the efforts of those who witness it. Program features a compelling short drama based on real-life incidents where bystanders stand up and change the outcome of a bullying incident. We also hear from real teens discussing incidents where they and their peers made a difference by intervening in a bullying situation. On-screen experts advise teens how they can become proactive without putting themselves at risk. Viewers learn that respecting others and taking a united stand against all sorts of harassment is not only possible, but it can make a dramatic difference in the lives of many young people. Bystanders can make a resounding contribution by setting the tone for their peers and refusing to accept hostile behaviors.

Consultant: Tara L. Kuther, Ph.D. 

Run time: 17 minutes


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Bully Bystanders: You Can Make a Difference
DVD with Teaching Guide
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