The Power of Choice: SEX

The Power of Choice: SEX


From: THE POWER OF CHOICE – Video Series

-For grades 9-12
-Featuring Michael Pritchard
-Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
-Free online video streaming included!

Comedian/youth counselor Michael Pritchard and students from around the U.S. take on the thorny issues they face in making decisions about sex.




  • To stimulate young people to think critically about their expectations and behaviors regarding sexual involvement.
  • To get young people to look realistically at the potential consequences of choosing to be sexually active.
  • To motivate young people to make those choices for themselves, and to act responsibly on the choices they make.

In this program, comedian/youth counselor Michael Pritchard and students from Columbia, S.C.; Gainesville, FL; Wayne, NJ; Washington, D.C.; Dallas, TX; and New York City, take on the thorny issues they face in making decisions about sex. As they attempt to juggle runaway hormones, religious values, peer pressures, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies, these teens search for an answer to the age-old riddle of how to make choices tonight that you can live with tomorrow.

Approximate runtime: 28 min.


Used as a springboard for group discussion, The Power of Choice series is highly effective at triggering teenagers to talk openly about their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and to look critically at how they make choices. Each program comes with a printable teaching guide filled with discussion questions, group activities, and writing assignments.

Sample Video Clip from The Power of Choice series:


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