Coping With Disruptive Life Changes


-For Grades 7 & Up
-DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

This program showcases the real stories of several teens who coped with major disruptions in their lives.



This program showcases the real stories of several teens who coped with major disruptions in their lives. One teen describes how her parents’ divorce caused her to rebel in school until, with the help of a school counselor, she rejected her gang-related friends and got her life back on track despite being pregnant. Another young woman shares how she dealt with the tumult of her mother’s relapse into addiction after her family lost their business and house to bankruptcy. Her involvement with a theater group and the support of good friends helped her eventually conquer her depression. A boy whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer speaks about how he dealt with his bottled-up fear and anxiety by opening up to his grandmother. The program emphasizes the importance of being patient, having realistic expectations and seeking out people who can provide help and support. On-screen experts provide creative tips for adapting, coping and growing.


Includes: 22-minute video, printable teacher’s resource book, and student handouts with pre/post tests.

DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

Sample Video Clip:


Teens are often ill-equipped to deal with major changes in their lives such as a parent’s divorce or unemployment, a serious family illness, or an unexpected pregnancy. Viewers hear the stories of three teens whose lives were disrupted, what helped them, and how their circumstances improved. Jessica became depressed when her parents lost their business and her mother relapsed into addiction. She credits joining an art academy for giving her a purpose and allowing her to stay connected to friends. Nik’s mother was receiving treatment for breast cancer. He was shocked and panicked, but didn’t want to burden her. Periodic venting with his grandmother allowed him to feel calmer and focus on school again. Rosa rebelled when her parents divorced and she saw school as “a big jungle,” that only interested her socially. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she reluctantly accepted help from two counselors and began trusting adults and setting goals for herself. A female therapist narrates, providing transitions between stories. Viewers are reminded of key coping strategies such as staying connected with people, keeping perspective, controlling some aspects of their life, and finding non-judgmental adults to listen. This quality production goes a long way in helping to foster resilience in teens and is recommended for health and guidance curriculums.

– Vicki Reutter, Cazenovia Jr. Sr. High School, NY
School Library Journal