CAN I MAKE IT ON MY OWN? — Video Series


-For High School & Adults
-Video + Printable Teaching Guide & Student Activities

Eight young adults talk candidly about their personal lives since high school, with a focus on financial decisions, career choices, and lessons learned.




In this new two-volume DVD set, eight young adults tell their personal stories of how they are trying to make it on their own, with a focus on financial decisions, career choices, and lessons learned. No scripts, no actors, just real life. In Volume 1 your students will meet Anna, Javier, Roger, and Amanda. In Volume 2 they will meet Kiran, Greg, Marlenne, and Ryan.

There are many valuable lessons to be learned from these stories. In some cases, they illustrate the perils and heartache of foolish decisions and just plain bad luck. In others, they highlight what good judgment, hard work, and determination can accomplish. But in each case, they offer lessons that everyone should learn, shared by young adults your students can relate to.

These videos come with a printable teaching guide that includes discussion questions, writing assignments, complementary activities, and an alignment with Common Core State Standards.

Includes printable teacher’s guide with discussion questions and student activities.

  • Running Time: Volume 1 is 68 min. and Volume 2 is 85min.
  • Easy access menu for each interview
  • Aligned with CCSS

Teaching Guide:

Sample Video Clip




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