• Groark Learns About PREJUDICE (dvd)

    for grades K-3

    With the Popcorn Park Puppets

    Both Spanish and English versions on same DVD

    Free online video streaming included!

    From the 5 volume series Popcorn Park: GETTING ALONG with GROARK (dvd)Groark and his friends are planning a party. Burna convinces the others not to invite the new kid in school because he is "different." But when Groark learns that Burna doesn't even know the new kid, he turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in prejudice. They discuss how people sometimes treat others unfairly because of size, age, gender, race, ethnicity and national origin, and why it's important not to pre-judge people. Groark takes this lesson in prejudice back to his friends and they decide to invite the new kid.Read more
  • Bridging Racial Divisions

    for grades 6-12

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 10 volume series PEACETALKS with Michael Pritchard (video/DVD series)An exploration of how racial divisions affect everyone. Triggers to violence, such as racial slurs are examined. Young people discuss how to build communications across racial and ethnic lines with self, family and community pride being a foundation of respect for others, cultural inclusion, and non-violence.Read more
  • Popcorn Park
    The Six Pillars of Character: RESPECT (dvd)

    for grades K-3

    Both English and Spanish on the same DVD.

    Produced in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!

    Free online video streaming included!

    Burna discovers that name-calling, teasing, and put-downs are not good natured fun. When her friends ostracize her for treating them disrespectfully and for bullying a new kid on the playground, Burna learns that the way to have good friendships is to treat people the way you would like them to treat you - with respect.Read more
  • Big Changes Big Choices:

    for grades 5-9

    DVD with Teaching Guide

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    Free online video streaming included!

    From the 12 volume DVD series, BIG CHANGES, BIG CHOICES

    This program emphasizes that everyone is entitled to respect regardless of appearance, race, national origin, disability, social status, etc. It attempts to sensitize kids to the feelings of others, and develop in them a value for treating people respectfully.Read more
  • Coming Out : What Every Teen (Gay and Straight) Needs to Know

    For Grades 7-College

    DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handout

    "Coming out", or announcing one's sexual orientation and identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), can be an uncomfortable process for everyone - faculty, straight students and of course for the LGBT students themselves. This sensitive, informative video offers revealing portraits of real LGBT kids who have come out in schools across the country, as well as their straight allies and their teachers who have dealt with this issue.Read more