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Teen Romantic Relationships: As They See It

For Grades 7-College

DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

Hooking up, dating, crushes, love, sex—chances are, every teen spends a good part of every day wondering and worrying about these topics. Developing romantic relationships is a natural part of growing up, but dating comes with a new set of challenges for high school students. This engaging documentary provides an intimate look at what teens really think about the ups and downs of the dating world. Follow real-world couples and single teens as they talk frankly about what makes a healthy relationship, the importance of communication and trust, dealing with disagreements and jealousy, setting smart sexual boundaries, overcoming a breakup, and more. Through personal video diaries and teen-led discussions, students learn hard-won lessons about relationships in today’s world from the ones who know it best—their peers.


Includes:  20min Video, Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

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This well-produced program presents a practical, real-life look at high school dating, covering such topics as the basis for a healthy relationship, boundaries related to sex, the importance of communication and trust, dealing with jealousy, and the emotional difficulties of breaking up. Interviews with a variety of teens are intercut with comments from a health/sex education professional, who offers relevant explanations and advice. Teen dating is portrayed here as an overall beneficial experience that provides an opportunity to develop skills necessary for positive interactions with others (although the program also acknowledges that many high school students won’t be ready for or want to date until later, for various reasons). Bundled with a comprehensive teacher’s guide and curriculum, this is recommended.

- E. Gieschen
Video Librarian

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Teen Romantic Relationships: As They See It
DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts
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