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Maple Ave: JENNY'S REASONS - A Story About Teen DepressionFrom the 10 volume series Maple Ave - Teen Drama Series (dvd)

For grades 7-12

DVD with Teaching Guide


* To spotlight & better recognize the signs of teen depression
and suicidal ideation.

* To explore the impact that troubled parents have on their
children's mental health and overall well-being.

* To examine what peers and educators can do to reach out to
a teen they feel may be privately struggling with depression.


Bridging the gap between education and entertainment, "Jenny's Reasons" provides a haunting look at teen depression and the often unwitting family dynamics that surround it. 

The powerful, award-winning short finds its main character, Jenny, in the throes of clinical depression, unable to understand the reasons she "feels so bad all the time".  Deeply confused and desperately overwhelmed, Jenny makes plans to end her life - plans that are ultimately thwarted when her best friend, Tanya, confronts her and shares a dark secret of her own.

Run Time: 20 minutes
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Maple Ave: JENNY'S REASONS - A Story About Teen Depression -English
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Maple Ave: JENNY'S REASONS - A Story About Teen Depression
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