Auto-B-Good: Independence, Resourcefulness & Cleanliness

Auto-B-Good: Independence, Resourcefulness & Cleanliness


From: AUTO B GOOD – Video Series

-For Grades K-5
-English and Spanish

-Video with Printable Teacher’s Guide
-Free online video streaming included!

These powerful little lesson-launchers will captivate your students with eye-popping animation and exciting stories about the value of good character.



This volume includes the following three episodes (approximately 10min each): Independence, Resourcefulness & Cleanliness



These powerful little lesson-launchers will captivate your students with eye-popping animation and exciting stories about the value of good character. With 63 short stories on 21 volumes, there are more than enough for each week of the school year. This attractive and award-winning video series is turbo-charged with premium-grade values and full-throttle fun!

The Auto-B-Good video series takes place in Auto City, a metropolis where all the inhabitants are cars of all ages, makes, and models who teach valuable life lessons on what it means to be a person of good character.

Each volume in the series contains three 10 minute episodes and a teacher’s guide that provides discussion questions, student interaction, and activities that support the lesson. Supplemental materials, including printable activities, storybooks, and classroom posters, are also available to help you extend the lesson even further.


Sample Video Clip from Auto B Good video series:


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Auto B Good: 21-Volume Mindfulness / Character Education / SEL Video SeriesLW-RS-ABG-SERIES $799.00
Auto-B-Good: Punctuality, Promptness & ReadinessLW-RS-ABG-V01$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Responsibility, Respectfulness & DependabilityLW-RS-ABG-V02$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Obedience, Self-Control & PolitenessLW-RS-ABG-V03$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Truthfulness, Honesty & KindnessLW-RS-ABG-V04$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Thankfulness, Generosity & GoodwillLW-RS-ABG-V05$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Joyfulness, Patience & CooperationLW-RS-ABG-V06$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Tolerance, Consideration & UniquenessLW-RS-ABG-V07$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Patriotism, Citizenship & LoyaltyLW-RS-ABG-V08$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Courage, Initiative & Self-RelianceLW-RS-ABG-V09$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Perseverance, Sportsmanship & Self-DisciplineLW-RS-ABG-V10$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Independence, Resourcefulness & CleanlinessLW-RS-ABG-V11$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Courtesy, Fairness & ConfidenceLW-RS-ABG-V12$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Decency, Goodness & DignityLW-RS-ABG-V13$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Integrity, Bravery, DeterminationLW-RS-ABG-V14$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Sharing, Friendliness & GratefulnessLW-RS-ABG-V15$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Helpfulness, Enthusiasm & SelflessnessLW-RS-ABG-V16$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Restraint, Willpower & WisdomLW-RS-ABG-V17$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Self-Acceptance, Caring & HygieneLW-RS-ABG-V18$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Discovering Talent, Commitment, ImaginativeLW-RS-ABG-V19$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Slow to Judge, Forgiveness, FriendshipLW-RS-ABG-V20$49.95
Auto-B-Good: Trustworthiness, Heroic & PeacefulnessLW-RS-ABG-V21$49.95

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