Live Wire Media is proud to partner with CHARACTER COUNTS!, a non-profit organization that promotes and develops positive character traits in individuals, especially young people. CHARACTER COUNTS! framework is based on The Six Pillars of Character, and includes the following character traits:

  • Trustworthiness: being honest, reliable, and accountable
  • Respect: treating others with dignity, empathy, and consideration
  • Responsibility: fulfilling one’s obligations and being accountable for one’s actions
  • Fairness: treating others impartially and justly
  • Caring: showing kindness, compassion, and concern for others
  • Citizenship: being a responsible member of one’s community and country

Live Wire Media offers a variety of resources that align with the Character Counts values and principles. These resources include videos with accompanying curricula and lesson plans, which are designed to help educators, parents, and youth leaders promote positive character development in young people.

Live Wire Media is committed to helping young people develop the essential character traits that will enable them to succeed in life.

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