• CHEMICAL HIGHS: The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

    For Grades 7 - Adults

    DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    Released in 2017

    This program offers a sobering view of what happens when young people experiment with synthetic drugs like Flakka, K2, Molly, and bath salts. Substance abuse counselors, medical doctors, and former addicts all explain the dangers of synthetic drugs. Viewers learn that these synthetic drugs impact the brain, induce horrifying hallucinations and paranoia, and ultimately lead to addiction and even death. The video program and accompanying Teacher's Resource Book deliver a powerful and clear "no use" message.Read more

    for Grades 9-College

    DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

    Free online video streaming included!

    This five-time national award-winning documentary contrasts over four-dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes.Read more

    For Grades 7 - Adults

    DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    Released in 2016

    While many teens may think that eating marijuana is an okay way to get high, it is in fact dangerous, risky and still illegal for teens in every state, even those where marijuana use is legal. This program helps teens understand the science of why the THC in edible marijuana causes unpredictable and dangerous highs. Metabolizing edible marijuana produces a...Read more
  • Essential Physical Fitness: What Every Teen Needs to Know

    For Grades 7-College

    DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    The benefits of physical fitness - including better overall health, protection from illness, improved mental health and a longer lifespan - are too important for teens to ignore. But many teens don't understand exactly what "getting fit" really means or just how to improve their own level of fitness, or think that working out is just for athletes. This fast-paced program introduces teens to the core elements of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Expert trainers teach detailed plans that every teen can use to boost each of these elements of fitness, plus tips for fitting an exercise plan into their busy lifestyles.Read more

    For Grades 7 - Adults

    DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    Released in 2018

    This program arms viewers with the most updated information on fentanyl, an opioid drug responsible for thousands of accidental overdose deaths. The program describes how fentanyl is made in dirty, illegal labs and that drug dealers often mix it with heroin and sell it to whoever is...Read more

    For grades K-4

    9 DVDs with Printable Facilitator's Guides

    Free online video streaming included!

    Get-Along-Monsters is an entertaining and engaging children's DVD series designed to teach children, grades K-4 important skills necessary for successful social interaction and emotional management. Each episode combines humorous, animated segments and age-appropriate, live-action scenarios to demonstrate easy-to-understand skills.Read more
  • How I Started My Career - The Series

    Job skills video and activities for grades 9-college

    Two DVDs + Activities

    New Version Released in 2017

    In this two-part, interactive video program, your students will accompany Alex as he searches for his first full-time job and faces the challenges of the first six months at Zephyr Industries, a wind technology company.Read more

    For High School and College

    Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired

    DVD and Printable Teaching Guide

    This humorous video teaches high school & college students the art of personal budgeting.Read more

    for grades 7-12

    Series of 10 DVDs with printable teaching guides

    Produced by Live Wire Media in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!

    Free online video streaming included!

    In Search of Character™ spotlights ten core virtues that help teens develop into caring, respectful, responsible people who make choices based on what's right, rather than what's easy. In this series, viewers take a fun, behind-the-scenes peek at the Dr. Mike Radio Show, where callers explore different aspects of character with "Dr. Mike" (Michael Thomson, Ph.D.) and his co-host. Listen in on the lively, thoughtful, and revealing discussions of high school students from around the country. Watch inspiring documentary profiles of young people who exemplify the power of good character in the real world.Read more