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Let's All Get Along: Conflict Resolution

For grades K-3

DVD with Teaching Guide

Using delightful songs and situations students will easily relate to, Betsy the Bus Driver helps youngsters see how cooling down, asking questions, using your words, and compromising make it possible to resolve conflicts peaceably.

The DVD contains the following situations:

Stop and Cool Down: Sam is furious when Cindy accidentally spills paint on his art project and ruins it. Betsy explains the importance of cooling down before saying something you might regret.

Fight Starters and Fight Stoppers: Betsy points out how hurtful words can start a conflict and other words can stop one.

Listening: Betsy helps Emily see how listening helps resolve her conflict with Billy.

Ask Questions and Find Out: Betsy helps Liz learn the importance of asking questions instead of jumping to conclusions when a friend disappoints her.

Say How You Feel: Betsy shows Ricky how to avoid a conflict with Marcus by telling him how he felt about how Marcus treated him.

Includes 12 reproducible student worksheets on CD.

Run Time: 16 minutes

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Let's All Get Along: Conflict Resolution
DVD with Teaching Guide
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