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Essential Physical Fitness: What Every Teen Needs to Know

For Grades 7-College

DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

The benefits of physical fitness—including better overall health, protection from illness, improved mental health and a longer lifespan—are too important for teens to ignore. But many teens don’t understand exactly what “getting fit” really means or just how to improve their own level of fitness, or think that working out is just for athletes. This fast-paced program introduces teens to the core elements of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Expert trainers teach detailed plans that every teen can use to boost each of these elements of fitness, plus tips for fitting an exercise plan into their busy lifestyles. By following two real teens as they embark on personalized get-in-shape plans, viewers learn how to develop an individualized routine that’s right for them. Overall, not only will students learn how to get fit, they’ll understand that fitness can—and should—be fun.

Includes: 18 min Video, Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts. DVD contains Spanish subtitles.

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The action starts with two teen cartoon characters. One is out of breath climbing stairs or walking a mile and has trouble getting through gym class. The other exercises regularly and has lots of energy, good self-esteem, and is at lower risk of disease. The teen narrator asks which character viewers would rather be. So begins a very upbeat video that outlines the five essential elements of physical health and introduces four diverse teens who discuss their fitness routines. Much of the action features these energetic young people talking about and engaging in their favorite physical activities. The first element of physical fitness is cardiovascular endurance, and this section focuses on Kenisha who runs and plays soccer. The segment on strength features Jaime who wrestles and lifts weights. The third element is flexibility, and Megan talks about how great dancing makes her feel and the importance of stretching for any physical activity. Balance is the fourth element and Jake describes the importance of balance in hitting a baseball or playing goalie in soccer. The final element of physical fitness is body composition—the proportion of fat, muscle, and water. A description of good and bad calories and choosing nutritious food follows. To close, the teens identify the advantages of being physically fit. This video is likely to get teens moving.


- Constance Dickerson, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, OH
School Library Journal
The basics of physical fitness are explained by a dynamic, young female host and an articulate youth fitness expert. Four students enjoying various activities and exercises demonstrate many ways to get fit, explain their choices, and share their enthusiasm about their activities. Clever cartoon characters portray a healthy, active teen and a lazy, lethargic teen as they illustrate many of the points made by the host. Five elements of fitness are explained: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, and body composition. For each segment the importance of being fit is stressed. It shows teens that they can enjoy getting fit without expensive equipment. There is also information about a healthy diet. Extra DVD features illustrate activities teens can use to test their fitness. The excellent guide hass tests, forms where students can note their progress, and suggestions for activities to increase teens’ fitness. The program is lively. It skillfully conveys valuable information by blending colorful, attractive graphics with active, articulate teens. Health and gym teachers as well as coaches even parents will find this DVD useful.

- Anitra Gordon, Educational Reviewer, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Essential Physical Fitness: What Every Teen Needs to Know
DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts
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