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PEACETALKS with Michael Pritchard (video/DVD series)

For grades 6-12

Ten volume video series with printable facilitator's guide

Free online video streaming included!

PeaceTalks with Michael Pritchard teaches kids how to avoid dangerous situations, handle their own emotions, and use conflict resolution skills to diffuse potentially violent confrontations. Filmed in schools across the U.S., this series addresses the real issues of violence that kids face in school, on the streets, and even at home.

These programs are refreshingly hopeful, with real kids offering real solutions to the challenges and problems that affect their lives.

Each volume in the series is approximately 30 minutes in length. A printable facilitator's guide is included on each video which contains discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that support the lesson.

Episode Descriptions

  • Preventing Violence

    Three basic strategies for avoiding and reducing violence are presented: predicting consequences, cooling down, and walking away.

  • Resolving Conflicts

    Special attention is given to techniques for avoiding conflicts including respecting the feelings of others, communicating positively with "I" messages, and learning to negotiate. Proven conflict management techniques are presented.

  • Managing Your Anger

    This program discusses the friction of daily life and how to diffuse potentially dangerous situations. It teaches how to recognize your anger buttons and clarify your emotions through the anger management techniques of Stepping Back, Cooling Out, and Self-Control.

  • Dealing with Bullies, Troublemakers and Dangerous Situations

    This video deals with verbal and physical harassment, bullies and gangs, what to do when you feel afraid, protecting yourself in threatening situations, how to help victims, and making our schools and neighborhoods safe.

  • Respecting Yourself and Others

    Ideas are presented here for handling put-downs and insults non-violently. In addition, respecting differences in opinion, race, and culture are encouraged.

  • Handling Dating Pressures and Harassment

    How to say no to abuse and learn the importance of building healthy, positive relationships.

  • Bridging Racial Divisions

    An exploration of how racial divisions affect everyone. Triggers to violence, such as racial slurs are examined. Young people discuss how to build communications across racial and ethnic lines with self, family and community pride being a foundation of respect for others, cultural inclusion, and non-violence.

  • Handling Peer Pressure and Gangs

    Dealing with pressures is an inescapable part of almost every teenager's life experience. In this DVD, Michael Pritchard leads groups of teens from different parts of the U.S. on an exploration of what peer pressure is and how to cope with it. They consider ways of successfully dealing with pressures to join groups, cliques, and gangs, as well as pressures by friends to do something they know is wrong.

  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns: Triggers to Violence

    How behavior affected by alcohol or other drugs can become deadly when linked with weapons. The consequences of impaired judgment and how to say no to drugs, alcohol, and violence are emphasized.

  • Stepping Up To Peace

    This important video discusses how to break the chain of violence. It explains the character traits of a nonviolent person: courage, compassion, tolerance, and respect. Learn how to turn enemies into friends and become an advocate for peace.

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Awards & Reviews

U.S. International Film & Video Festival Gold Camera Award

Learning Magazine Teacher's Choice Award

Chicago International Film Festival Silver Plaque Award


"The PeaceTalks series is an excellent foundation for any school / community-based violence prevention program."

—John Drescher, Principal

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PEACETALKS with Michael Pritchard (video/DVD series)
Ten volume video series with printable facilitator's guide
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