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Maple Ave: PROMISE ME - Parents With AddictionsFrom the 10 volume series Maple Ave - Teen Drama Series (dvd)

For grades 7-12

DVD with Teaching Guide


* To explore the impact that troubled parents, particularly those suffering with addictions, have on their children's well-being and overall mental health.

* To spotlight and better recognize the signs of teen depression and suicidal ideation.

* To examine the behaviors of parents struggling with problem gambling and alcoholism addictions in order to more effectively connect with them in a Guidance / Counseling setting.

* To examine what peers and educators can do to reach out to a teen they feel may be privately struggling with a compromised support system (due to troubled/addicted parents).


Ann is forced to face the grim reality that her parents' addictions of alcoholism and problem gambling are slowly destroying her family. While her older brother Mike's quiet stoicism is sorely tested by their alcoholic mother's denial of reality, Ann's own initial reluctance is also an issue.  However, after Ann's father gambles away her college fund, she can no longer avoid the truth - and soon grows deeply depressed. Though her brother and best friend, Tami sense something's wrong, will they be in time to avert a potential tragedy?

Run Time: 18 minutes

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Maple Ave: PROMISE ME - Parents With Addictions -English
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