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LOVE YOU TO DEATH - Teen Dating Violence (dvd)

For Middle & High School, Continuation Schools, Halfway Houses, Domestic Violence Recovery, and Inmate Re-entry Programs

DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

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This powerful documentary on the subject of teen dating violence offers "life skills coaching," wisdom, introspection, and solid advice on how to have positive relationships, while avoiding abusive ones. watch video clips

The positive advice is contrasted against the touching biographies of three homicide victims who were murdered by their boyfriends. The video offers substantial curriculum for both genders on how to spot the warning signs of emotional and physical abuse, ways to avoid abusive behavior in relationships, and a chapter on "How A Girl Can Protect Herself From Abusers." Dozens of survival tips are derived from Jill Murray, expert on domestic and teen dating violence. download teaching guide

Carrie Madsen brilliantly delivers in the role of "life coach" and the presentation is co-hosted by Suzanne Schultz, a veteran family crimes team leader with a district attorney's office. The video concludes with several creative ways to successfully break the cycle of teen dating violence by devising an escape plan, safely ending an abusive relationship, and ultimately creating the kind of bonds in which you can "share the best you have to offer, not the worst."


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LOVE YOU TO DEATH - Teen Dating Violence (dvd) -English
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LOVE YOU TO DEATH - Teen Dating Violence (dvd)
DVD with Printable Teaching Guide
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