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The Power of Choice: DRUGS & ALCOHOL - Part 2 (dvd)

From the 12 volume DVD series THE POWER OF CHOICE

For Grades 9-12

DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

Featuring Michael Pritchard


  • To show how drug and alcohol abuse affects friends and family members of the user.

  • To point out ways that friends and family members sometimes respond which are either ineffective or which contribute to the problem.

  • To reveal some ways of responding or intervening that often do work.

  • To clarify what power friends and family members do and do not have in the situation.

  • To show them they can make a difference and inform them about where they can go for help.

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In this program, comedian/youth counselor Michael Pritchard and high school students in Albuquerque; Atlanta; Cleveland; Madison; and Fremont, California, examine how chemical abuse damages relationships, what you can and cannot do about it, and how to respond when a chemically dependent person asks you for help. It is a useful and enlightening look at what to do when someone you care about is hooked.

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The Power of Choice: DRUGS & ALCOHOL - Part 2 (dvd) -English
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The Power of Choice: DRUGS & ALCOHOL - Part 2 (dvd)
DVD with Printable Teaching Guide
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