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Drug Facts Action Pack

for Grades 4-8

Videos with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

National drug-education experts agree that targeted, age-appropriate elementary school drug education is essential to safeguarding students against the hazards of drug use and addiction. This fact-filled program uses a mix of teen hosts, kids talking about real-life experiences, animated characters and creative skits. Formats include spoofs on classic movies, game shows, courtroom programs and science investigation shows. Students will learn valuable information they can easily understand, process and remember.

The videos are filled with fascinating facts, as well as concrete ways to resist peer pressure, to make good decisions and to avoid dangerous situations. Each video models positive behavior by featuring an outstanding student who has faced drugs but resisted and steered clear of danger. While the presentation is fast-paced and entertaining, the message is unmistakable: Drugs are dangerous and deadly.


The video is broken into five 20-min episodes:

    * Totally True Facts about Alcohol
    * Totally True Facts about Tobacco
    * Totally True Facts about Marijuana
    * Totally True Facts about Inhalants
    * Totally True Facts about Dangers in the Home

Includes: 100-minute DVD broken into five 20-minute episodes/topics, an extensive teacher's resource book, printable fact sheets for students, and pre/post tests.

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Drug Facts Action Pack
Videos with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts
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