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Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

for Grades 7-12

Health Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

Teens and young adults describe their eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising. Lynn Grefe, the director of the National Eating Disorders Association, stresses that an eating disorder is an illness and should not be stigmatized. A young country singer describes her battle with anorexia, and talks about how she used her music as part of her recovery. A teenage boy dispels the myth that eating disorders affect only girls and describes his own struggle to recover. A teen and her counselor talk about the interaction of culture, family and community in her recovery. The program stresses that there are warning signs to different eating disorders; that eating disorders have serious, even deadly, health consequences; and there are positive steps you should take if you or a friend are at risk.

Includes: 19-minute video, teacher's resource book, and student handouts with pre/post tests.

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Do You Have an Eating Disorder?
Health Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts
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