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Cliques: Where Do You Fit In?

for Grades 5 -9

Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

Explains the nature of cliques, why they develop, how clique leadership controls members, how at best cliques help establish group identity, and how at worst they can be destructive. Using an attention-grabbing mix of student interviews and cartoon animations, program provides insight and perspective into the lives of young teens who are “in with the ‘in’ crowd” as well as those who are on the outside looking in. Answering the question, “Am I popular?” takes on new meaning as students weigh the pros and cons of exclusionary friendships. Demonstrates that friendships with a wide range of students are both enriching and necessary for a fully developed personality and life experience; and that by building awareness and tolerance students can avoid the down side of cliques. A guidance counselor and two young hosts offer advice about how to deal with being excluded, avoid social bullying, and find support from friends.

Includes: 15-minute video, teacher's resource book, and student handouts with pre/post tests.

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Cliques: Where Do You Fit In?
Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts
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