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Choosing A Goal

for Middle and High School

DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

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“You can’t be committed to something unless you know what it is, but that means choosing a goal!” A goal is the single most important key that we can possess to being successful. But who thinks about choosing goals and what stops us from setting them? What are the most important goals to choose and why are goals important to us? This fun, thought provoking video teaches middle and high school students the value of choosing and pursuing goals. It also emphasizes the importance of staying in school and the significance of being committed to something you really want to accomplish for its own sake. The story integrates concepts like putting specialized knowledge to work, budgeting, the idea that learning is a lifelong journey-and that we never arrive, and that true happiness comes from doing, being, accomplishing,…really standing up for something and being real. It also introduces the concept that college can be fun and is accessible to everyone. But the most important lesson about having goals is that: Today’s goal becomes tomorrow’s reality. NATIONAL AWARD WINNER-TELLY.

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Choosing A Goal
DVD with Printable Teaching Guide
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