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You Can Choose: BEING FRIENDS (dvd)From the 10 volume series YOU CAN CHOOSE! (video/dvd series)

for grades K-5

featuring Michael Pritchard


Children learn about the value of having good friendships.

Children learn what makes good friendships work.

Children learn that it's good to be open to friendships with people who are different.


Being best friends isn't always easy. In this DVD (#9 in the series), Rhonda, Missie, and Fiona learn about the
complex nature of friendship. When Missie is not invited to the "in" party, the three girls sort out some important issues about friendship and deal with what it means to be left out.

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You Can Choose: BEING FRIENDS (dvd) -English
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You Can Choose: BEING FRIENDS (dvd)
featuring Michael Pritchard
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YOU CAN CHOOSE! (video/dvd series)
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