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UNDERSTANDING GENDER: Identity, Biology & Expression

For Grade 7+

DVD + Printable Teacher's Resource Book

Released in 2018

This program explores the modern gender spectrum. Experts Dr. Eli Green, Jaymie Campbell, and Alessia Palanti define pertinent terms like cisgender, transgender, gender identity, gender expression and pronouns. Viewers learn about gender norms and stereotypes that affect all people, no matter how they identify on the gender spectrum. Students also hear from Nicole and Wayne Maines, a father-daughter pair who explain their family's unique journey with gender. Teens describe their personal experiences with gender and explain the critical importance of allies in their lives.



Video, plus teacher's resource book, student handouts, and pre/post tests in digital format.

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Featuring comments from experts including Jaymie Campbell of Access Matters and Transgender Training Institute founder Eli R. Green, Understanding Gender covers relevant topics including the fluid gender spectrum, inborn characteristics vs. biological sex traits, and terms such as cisgender, nonbinary, and LGBTQ. The program also looks at the medical, social, and legal aspects of transitioning; the use of pronouns; various stereotypes; and access to community resources. Several young adult participants offer their opinions, most notably actress Nicole Maines, who has a twin brother and struggled with being thrust into the national spotlight by conservative media (including disgraced Bill O’Reilly) when she appeared as “Susan Doe” in a case brought before the Maine Supreme Court. Maines’s father says he learned to accept Nicole at a young age (“I’m 40 years old and I’m losing an argument with a 6-year-old”). Offering a timely look at an important issue, this is recommended. Aud: J, H, P. (J. Williams-Wood)

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UNDERSTANDING GENDER: Identity, Biology & Expression
DVD + Printable Teacher's Resource Book
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