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  • Character Journal Interactive - TRUSTWORTHINESS

    for grades 7-12

    Interactive Software

    For Windows

    From the 6 volume series CHARACTER JOURNAL INTERACTIVE (for Windows)Trust is the basis of all good relationships and a cornerstone of good character. This journal-based interactive CD-ROM helps young people to understand what it takes to be a person others can trust and reveals some of the personal benefits that come from being honest, reliable, and principled. In working with this CD ROM students are called upon to watch, listen, think, write, read, evaluate, analyze, and apply.Read more
  • Popcorn Park: THE SIX PILLARS OF CHARACTER (dvd)

    for grades K-5

    Six part DVD series with printable teaching guides.

    English and Spanish versions included on each DVD

    Help your kids explore six essential character virtues with the Popcorn Park Puppets. In each video the puppets become entangled in problems that require them to sort out right from wrong. With a little guidance from Socrates, they figure it out and do the right thing.Read more
  • Popcorn Park Banner Set

    3 X 5 ft. banners

    7 high visibility 3 X 5 ft. banners hang anywhere indoors from built-in grommets. Sturdy vinyl lasts for years. Available individually or as a set.Read more