for Grades 9-College

    DVD with Teaching Guide

    This five-time national award-winning documentary contrasts over four-dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes.Read more
  • IT'S OKAY TO SAY NO (dvd)

    For Grades K-4

    DVD and Teaching Guide

    This program teaches and empowers children to say no when they feel they are being pressured to do something they don't want to do.Read more
  • Rage Behind the Wheel (dvd)

    For grades 10-12

    A Look at Teen Drivers and Road Rage

    What is road rage? What can trigger it? How can it be avoided? Experts in law enforcement and youth psychology answer these questions as the camera captures actual road rage incidents involving teen drivers.Read more
  • The Power of Choice: DRINKING and DRIVING (dvd)

    For Grades 9-12

    DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 12 volume DVD series THE POWER OF CHOICE

    Comedian / youth counselor Michael Pritchard visits with teenagers in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Madison to discuss how to stay out of (or get out of) drinking/driving predicaments and still be cool.Read more

    For Middle & High School, Continuation Schools, Halfway Houses, Domestic Violence Recovery, and Inmate Re-entry Programs

    DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

    This compelling story of teen dating violence is hosted by a passionately committed veteran team leader of a district attorney's Family Crimes Division. Actual cases are included to authenticate the message.Read more
  • B Careful When U Txt: The Dangers of Texting and Sexting

    for Grades 5-9

    Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    This video gives viewers a primer on the Do's and Don'ts of text messaging, including the laws on privacy and child pornography, setting and maintaining personal boundaries, dealing with unforeseen consequences' and underscoring the need to "think before you click".Read more
  • My Body Belongs to Me

    For grades K-2

    DVD with Teaching Guide

    This program is designed to help young children protect themselves from the trauma of sexual abuse by making it clear that their body belongs to them.Read more
  • Preventing Athletic Injuries

    for Grades 6-12

    Health Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    This program fully explores the most common injuries in school sports and how they can be prevented by stretching and warm-up exercises, developing a strong core, using the right safety gear the right way, proper nutrition and dealing with injuries once they occur.Read more