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for grades 7-12

Series of 10 DVDs with teaching guides

Produced by Live Wire Media in association with CHARACTER COUNTS!

In Search of Character™ spotlights ten core virtues that help teens develop into caring, respectful, responsible people who make choices based on what's right, rather than what's easy. In this series, viewers take a fun, behind-the-scenes peek at the Dr. Mike Radio Show, where callers explore different aspects of character with "Dr. Mike" (Michael Thomson, Ph.D.) and his co-host. Listen in on the lively, thoughtful, and revealing discussions of high school students from around the country. Watch inspiring documentary profiles of young people who exemplify the power of good character in the real world.

In Search of Character™ focuses on the ten virtues most commonly named by parents, educators, and community groups concerned with character education. While each of these words evokes its own meaning, what counts most, like colors on a canvas, is the way they interact to paint a complete picture. In Search of Character™ is not about teaching individual virtues, it's about helping young people construct a vision of themselves as good people and then live up to that vision. It's about showing them that, in a world where poor character is so commonplace, they can choose to be better than that.

Each volume in the series is approximately 25 minutes in length. A facilitator's guide is included on each video which contains discussion questions, writing assignments, and follow-up activities that support the lesson. Companion material, including a curriculum binder, is also available to help you extend the lesson even further.

"I was stunned. The kids in my class started their own discussion, bringing up points in the video, and relating it to themselves or their family or friends. Never before had I come across a video presentation of such quality that met the needs of not only my students, but any student viewing this video."

—Teacher, Detention Center School, Wauwatosa, WI

Episode Descriptions

  • In Search of Character: TRUSTWORTHINESS (dvd)

    Trust is the basis of all good relationships and a cornerstone of good character. This program shows what it means to be a person others can trust. We learn that trustworthy people keep their promises, are honest, reliable, principled, and never inappropriately betray a confidence. And to help understand how trusting relationships are developed, we look at a documentary about a high school peer counseling program, where trusting and being trusted are the keys to a healthy school community.

  • In Search of Character: RESPECT (dvd)

    This program shows how treating people with respect helps us get along with each other, avoid and resolve conflicts, and create a positive social climate. We see that respectful behavior means treating others with civility and courtesy, accepting personal differences, listening to what others have to say, and refraining from ridiculing, embarrassing or hurting others. And to demonstrate that each of us has a role in creating a respectful climate, we see an inspiring documentary about a biracial teenager’s initiative to promote interracial respect.

  • In Search of Character: RESPONSIBILITY (dvd)

    Responsibility is often regarded as a burden, but in this dvd we discover that it is actually a great source of personal power. It is the key to taking charge of our lives. As a case in point, we see the remarkable example of a young woman who grew up in poverty but transformed her life by taking complete responsibility for shaping her own future. We learn that responsible people do what needs to be done, fulfill their obligations, are accountable for their actions, use good judgment, and don’t let people down.

  • In Search of Character: FAIRNESS (dvd)

    Nothing makes people bristle like injustice, but often it’s difficult to know what’s fair and what isn’t, or what to do when faced with injustice. This program helps young people understand how to live by the golden rule, what it takes to be a fair and just person, and how much our personal actions do matter. As a stunning example of individual effectiveness, we see the inspiring story of a teenage boy whose action in response to injustice launched a worldwide campaign to bring an end to exploitative child labor.

  • In Search of Character: CARING (dvd)

    Caring is not just a way of feeling, it’s a way of behaving. This program teaches that what makes us caring people is doing caring things. We learn that caring people respond selflessly to the needs of others and treat others with kindness, concern, and generosity. And we see the stirring account of a teenage girl whose exemplary acts of caring have enriched the lives of disadvantaged children in her community.

  • In Search of Character: CITIZENSHIP (dvd)

    Citizenship, at its core, is social responsibility in action. This program considers what it means to be a good citizen - including doing your part for the common good, serving your community, and helping make our democracy work. And as proof that one person can make a big difference, we see the remarkable adventure of a teenage boy whose modest efforts at community service snowballed into legislative action that changed the way the state of Florida feeds its needy.

  • In Search of Character: HONESTY (dvd)

    This video begins with the surprising account of two boys who triggered a fire storm of criticism by committing a simple act of honesty. But as we see from their experience and the teen discussions that follow, choosing to be honest or dishonest does something to our character. Lying makes us liars. Cheating makes us cheaters. But being honest frees us to be real. Not only do honest people have stronger, better relationships with others, but their honesty makes them better people and it makes our world a better place.

  • In Search of Character: COURAGE (dvd)

    It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what’s right when we stand alone. Or to do what’s right despite disapproval and negative peer pressure. Or even to take risks that are for our own good. In this program we learn what it means to be morally courageous and how that empowers our lives. And we see proof positive in the courageous story of a teenage boy who broke from a gang and changed his friends so he could succeed in school and turn his life around.

  • In Search of Character: DILIGENCE (dvd)

    Diligence is power. Imagine what life would be like if we approached each important task with discipline and focus. If we always did our best. If we persevered even when things became difficult or discouraging. In this dvd we look at what it means to be diligent and what a potent force diligence brings into our lives. As a case in point we see the poignant story of a teenage girl with cerebral palsy, whose diligent approach to living has enabled her to pursue and attain ambitious goals despite her disability.

  • In Search of Character: INTEGRITY (dvd)

    Being a person of integrity means you are solid, principled, true to your very best self. It means you walk your talk by living up to your highest ethical values. It means you always try to do what’s right even in tough situations, and you don’t let temptation compromise your values. This program reveals the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways that life puts our integrity to the test, and profiles six teenagers whose integrity has proven to be a gift to themselves as well as to the world.

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Awards & Reviews

"These are the best topic driven educational videos I have seen. . . We had the best class discussion we've had all year."
—Middle School Counselor, Scottsburg, IN

"A perfect stimulus for classroom discussions, setting a level of conversation that is thought provoking and informative."
—Director, Georgia Center for Character Education

"The IN SEARCH OF CHARACTER video series has been a huge hit here. It has been very, very enthusiastically received by our member schools. We just can't keep them on the shelf!"
—Safe and Drug Free Schools Consortium, Columbus, OH

"I was stunned. The kids in my class started their own discussion, bringing up points in the video, and relating it to themselves or their family or friends. Never before had I come across a video presentation of such quality that met the needs of not only my students, but any student viewing this video."
—Teacher, Detention Center School, Wauwatosa, WI

"The real life examples of teens who chose to act on their beliefs are truly inspiring. Here are positive role models with whom teens can identify and emulate."

—Teleschool Specialist - Hawaii Dept. of Education

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