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Popcorn Park: GETTING ALONG with GROARK (dvd)

for grades K-5

Closed Captioned

Five DVD Series with Printable Teaching Guides

English and Spanish versions included on each DVD

Created and Produced by Elkind+Sweet / Live Wire Media, this delightful video series teaches young children valuable lessons that will help them get along well, work out conflicts fairly and peacefully, and treat each other with respect. Funny, entertaining, and emotionally engaging, these videos combine puppetry, real children, music, and fanciful visual elements - a sure hit with young kids.


WATCH VIDEO CLIPSIn each episode, Groark, an affable, childlike dragon, gets into a tense situation with some of his friends. After he discusses the problem with his adult companion (ventriloquist Randel McGee) and a group of real elementary school children, he applies what he has learned and succeeds in bringing about a peaceful, positive resolution.

Each video in the series is approximately 28 minutes in length. A printable teaching guide is included on each DVD providing discussion questions, writing assignments, and fun group learning activities.

Episode Descriptions


Parents' Choice Gold Award Winner


"A great violence prevention series for children was long overdue...with Groark the gap has been filled. Highly recommended. Editor's Choice."—Randy Pitman, Video Librarian


Episode Descriptions

  • Groark Learns to CONTROL ANGER (dvd)


    How anger can cause us to lose control of our behavior.
    How anger can lead to violence even when we don't intend it.
    How we can calm our anger and stay in control.


                                              THE STORY:

    In episode #1 of this series, Groark becomes so angry at his own
    mistakes that he accidentally damages his best friend's model
    airplane. This leads to a heated exchange, and the two nearly come
    to blows. When the fight is interrupted by the school bell, Groark
    turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in controlling anger. He learns how to tell when his anger is getting out
    of control, how that can lead to fighting, and how to calm his anger.
    He uses his newfound skill to calm his friend's anger, and the two
    make up.

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  • Groark Learns to WORK OUT CONFLICTS (dvd)

    Groark has a disagreement with his friend over a robot they are building as a school project. Their behavior toward each other quickly leads to a serious rift and the project comes to an unpleasant halt. Frustrated and angry, Groark turns to a group of real children for a lesson in working out conflicts. He learns how to stay calm, talk about the disagreement with the other person, listen to each other's point of view, and look for a solution that makes them both happy. Equipped with this new approach to problem solving, Groark and his friend resolve their conflict, and the robot is saved.

  • Groark Learns to LISTEN (dvd)

    Groark is working on a dance routine for a talent show with two friends. His failure to listen to their ideas and concerns upsets his friends, causes misunderstandings, and eventually results in one of them being injured. When Groark is told to go away, he turns to a group of real children who help him understand how his poor listening habits caused such trouble and how he can become a better listener. Groark asks his friends for a second chance, and his greatly improved listening skills make everybody happy.

  • Groark Learns about BULLYING (dvd)

    Groark is playing with his friends when Burna and Muggsy start teasing and picking on Nubbs by stealing his hat. As the situation escalates Groark gets drawn in, and, before he realizes it, Groark is picking on his best friend. When Nubbs calls Groark a bully, Groark doesn't understand what happened until he learns from a group of real children how he and the others were being bullies, and how hurtful that was to Nubbs. Groark returns to the playground, convinces Burna and Muggsy that they have been cruel and unfair, and together they apologize to Nubbs.



  • Groark Learns About PREJUDICE (dvd)

    Groark and his friends are planning a birthday party. Burna convinces the others not to invite the new kid in school because he is "different." But when Groark learns that Burna doesn't even know the new kid, he turns to a group of real elementary school children for a lesson in prejudice. They discuss how people sometimes treat others unfairly because of differences like size, age, gender, race, ethnicity and national origin, and why it's important not to pre-judge people. Groark takes this lesson in prejudice back to his friends and they decide to invite the new kid.

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Awards & Reviews


Golden Eagle —CINE

Gold Award —Parents' Choice Foundation

Gold Apple Award —National Educational Media Network

Telly Award

What People Are Saying...

"This series is very effective for encouraging students to contribute to a group discussion. This series is bound to be a hit at your school."
—Denise Allen, Media Specialist - Union Hill Elementary, High Point, NC

"McGee is comfortable on camera, the script laces the realistic confrontations with humor and sparkling songs, and the children react spontaneously and credibly."
—Irene Wood, Booklist

"These programs on a timely topic will be a good addition to school library collections for use in classrooms or with individual students."
—Fay L. Matsunaga, Twombly Primary School, Fort Lupton, CO

"A great violence prevention series for children was long overdue...with Groark the gap has been filled. Highly recommended. Editor's Choice."

—Randy Pitman, Video Librarian

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Popcorn Park: GETTING ALONG with GROARK (dvd)
Closed Captioned
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