for Grades 9-College

    DVD with Printable Teaching Guide

    Free online video streaming included!

    This five-time national award-winning documentary contrasts over four-dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes.Read more
  • Essential Physical Fitness: What Every Teen Needs to Know

    For Grades 7-College

    DVD with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    The benefits of physical fitness - including better overall health, protection from illness, improved mental health and a longer lifespan - are too important for teens to ignore. But many teens don't understand exactly what "getting fit" really means or just how to improve their own level of fitness, or think that working out is just for athletes. This fast-paced program introduces teens to the core elements of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Expert trainers teach detailed plans that every teen can use to boost each of these elements of fitness, plus tips for fitting an exercise plan into their busy lifestyles.Read more

    For Grades 3-6

    DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    Released in 2017

    More young people have been diagnosed with diabetes than ever before. The live-action video program is designed to increase a student's awareness of the disease by presenting information that will help them better understand diabetes and more importantly know the risk factors to prevent getting the disease.Read more

    For Grades 8-12

    DVD + Printable Teaching Guide

    Released in 2017

    Free online video streaming included!

    From the 13 volume series TEENS 101: A YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVEEating Disorder/Nutrition (Sterling's Story): At the age of 13, Sterling was a cheerleader and cross country runner. One day her uncle commented that she was getting a roll around her belly. Sterling became obsessed about her weight. She stopped eating and when she did eat, purging was the option. She was losing weight beyond what was normal while still competing and running until the point where she mutilated herself and ended up in an institution. Sterling was 5'7" and weighed 95 pounds. Her body started to shut down. She stopped menstruating and the doctors warned her that she may never be able to have children. Her miraculous recovery is truly an inspiring story to all youth. The moral of the story? - "One small unkind word can have devastating effects on another person's life."Read more

    For grades 7 - College

    In this dvd, Suzanna, a young woman who has had an eating disorder since the age of 9, shares her personal story and helps to introduce students to eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising.Read more
  • You Can Choose!: SAYING NO (to smoking) (dvd)

    for grades K-5

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 10 volume series YOU CAN CHOOSE! (video/dvd series)Missie Mouse has to choose whether to say no to a friend or do something she knows is wrong. When Missie's best friend, Rhonda, tries to pressure her into smoking cigarettes, Missie agonizes over her options before finding that there are ways to say no without ruffling Rhonda's feathers.Read more
  • Brush Up on Hygiene

    for grades K-4

    Health Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    Young viewers will be entertained as they learn about cleanliness and good hygiene with zany host, Dr. Tidy. This humorous presentation is packed with practical, age-appropriate hygiene tips, and delivers the message that keeping your body clean is an important part of staying healthy and feeling good about yourself.Read more
  • Common Psychological Disorders of Adolescence

    For grades 7-college

    DVD + Teaching Guide

    This reassuring video focuses on several real teens who are struggling with some of the most common psychological problems that occur in adolescence: anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse disorder.Read more
  • Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

    for Grades 7-12

    Health Video with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    Teens and young adults describe their eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, purging and compulsive exercising. The program stresses that there are warning signs to different eating disorders; that eating disorders have serious, even deadly, health consequences; and there are positive steps you should take if you or a friend are at risk.Read more