• Cada DVD contiene dos versiones – una en Español y otra en Inglés.
  • Popcorn Park: GETTING ALONG with GROARK (dvd)

    Five DVD Series with Printable Teaching Guides for Grades K-5

    Closed Captioned

    English and Spanish versions included on each DVD

    This delightful video series teaches young children valuable lessons that will help them get along well, work out conflicts fairly and peacefully, and treat each other with respect. Funny, entertaining, and emotionally engaging, these videos combine puppetry, real children, music, and fanciful visual elements - a sure hit with young kids.Read more
  • Six part DVD series with printable teaching guides.

    English and Spanish versions included on each DVD

    Help your kids explore six essential character virtues with the Popcorn Park Puppets. In each video the puppets become entangled in problems that require them to sort out right from wrong. With a little guidance from Socrates, they figure it out and do the right thing.Read more
  • Auto B Good

    for grades K-6

    Twenty one animated DVDs

    English and Spanish on each DVD

    These powerful little lesson-launchers will captivate your students with eye popping animation and exciting stories about the value of good character. And with 63 short stories on 21 volumes, there are more than enough for each week of the school year. This attractive and award-winning video series is turbo-charged with premium-grade values and full-throttle fun!Read more
  • Seven-part DVD series with Teachers's Guides

    English and Spanish verisons included on each DVD

    This series is an excellent aid in teaching children character education as well as how to solve problems and use humor to diffuse anger. Each volume is packed with four 11-minute episodes that take Harry and his Dinos on journeys where character is reinforced. The stories are representative of real-life situations and concerns that children experience daily, making them easy to relate to.Read more