• Big Changes, Big Choices:

    For grades 5-9

    DVD with Teaching Guide

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 12 volume DVD series, BIG CHANGES, BIG CHOICES

    This program presents and reinforces anti-drug attitudes and teaches practical techniques for saying "no" to our friends without appearing to be uncool. In addition to the specific matter of drug use, we examine the issue of peer pressure - both positive and negative - and figure out how to tell the difference. We consider why it's important to resist negative peer pressure, and what that has to do with taking charge of our lives.Read more

    for Grades 9-College

    DVD with Teaching Guide

    This five-time national award-winning documentary contrasts over four-dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes.Read more
  • The Power of Choice: DRINKING and DRIVING (dvd)

    for grades 9-12

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 12 volume series THE POWER OF CHOICE (dvd series)In this program, comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard visits with teenagers in Los Angeles; Nashville; and Madison, Wisconsin, to talk about how to stay out of (or get out of) drinking/driving predicaments and still be cool. As one boy so honestly put it, "It's hard for guys like me who aren't very popular. Friendships I have with guys who brag about dope, drinking, and wild parties are important. A lot of times you just go along with it and tell yourself next time you won't do it. But then you go along with them anyway."Read more
  • You Can Choose!: SAYING NO (to smoking) (dvd)

    for grades K-5

    Featuring Michael Pritchard

    From the 10 volume series You Can Choose! (dvd)Missie Mouse has to choose whether to say no to a friend or do something she knows is wrong. When Missie's best friend, Rhonda, tries to pressure her into smoking cigarettes, Missie agonizes over her options before finding that there are ways to say no without ruffling Rhonda's feathers.Read more
  • Buzz in a Bottle: The Dangers of Caffeine-Spiked Energy Drinks

    for Grades 7-College

    Video Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    With the lure of an over-the-counter jolt, kids are consuming more energy drinks than ever before and in many cases mixing them with alcohol. This program arms kids with the facts and gives a strong “no-use” message with particular emphasis on the real health risks of too much caffeine and the grave danger of combining alcohol and caffeine-spiked drinks.Read more
  • Drug Facts Action Pack

    for Grades 4-8

    Videos with Teacher's Resource Book and Student Handouts

    This fact-filled drug education program uses a mix of teen hosts, kids talking about real-life experiences, animated characters and creative skits. The videos are filled with fascinating facts, as well as concrete ways to resist peer pressure, to make good decisions and to avoid dangerous situations. Each video models positive behavior by featuring an outstanding student who has faced drugs but resisted and steered clear of danger. While the presentation is fast-paced and entertaining, the message is unmistakable: Drugs are dangerous and deadly.Read more