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Wise Lives Curriculum

for Grades 6-8

Character Education Curriculum

Focus on the words and life stories of great positive role models to teach middle level students valuable lessons about the decisions they make everyday.

Wise Lives explores the choices great people in history made and applies those lessons to the lives of young people today.

The Curriculum Includes:

  • Over 250 Multicultural Quotations
  • Hundreds of Class Activities
  • Character-Building Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Over 30 Reproducible Reflection Pages
  • 42 Reproducible Biographies for Students
  • Conflict Resolution & Peer Mediation Materials
  • Across the Curriculum Activities
  • Informative Parent Newsletters
  • Much more!

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Teaching Guides

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Wise Lives Curriculum -English
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Wise Lives Curriculum
Character Education Curriculum
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The Character Chronicles DVDs + WIse Lives Curriculum
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The perfect video companion to the WiseLives curriculum

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