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Groark's Birthday Surprise!

for grades K-5

Popcorn Park Book about honesty and friendship

A Popcorn Park Book

First came the VIDEOS,

Now come the BOOKS!

Introducing the first picture book featuring the characters from the award-winning video series The Six Pillars of Character and Getting Along with Groark.

Welcome to Popcorn Park, where a loveable bunch of pals take young readers and viewers on adventures in friendship and good character with heart, humor, and fun. This delightful series of videos and picture books is designed to inspire kids to be caring, respectful, responsible people who solve conflicts peacefully and make choices based on what's right rather than on what they can get away with.


Groark receives a very expensive birthday present from his friend, Muggsy. The only problem is that Muggsy stole it. Now Groark has to figure out what's the right thing to do.
Groark's Birthday Surprise is a lesson in honesty, friendship, and doing the right thing for young readers age 4-8.

Credits and Information

Published in February 2007
Written by David Elkind and Freddy Sweet
Illustrated by Craig Hannah
Designed by Edie Weinberg
32 Pages

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Groark's Birthday Surprise!
Popcorn Park Book about honesty and friendship
Price $ 7.95


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