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Groark Learns about BULLYING (dvd)From the 5 volume series Popcorn Park: GETTING ALONG with GROARK (dvd)

for grades K-5

with the Popcorn Park Puppets

Groark is playing with his friends when Burna and Muggsy start teasing and picking on Nubbs by stealing his hat. As the situation escalates Groark gets drawn in, and, before he realizes it, Groark is picking on his best friend. When Nubbs calls Groark a bully, Groark doesn't understand what happened until he learns from a group of real children how he and the others were being bullies, and how hurtful that was to Nubbs. Groark returns to the playground, convinces Burna and Muggsy that they have been cruel and unfair, and together they apologize to Nubbs.



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Groark Learns about BULLYING (dvd) -English
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Groark Learns about BULLYING (dvd)
with the Popcorn Park Puppets
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