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The Power of Choice: DRINKING and DRIVING (dvd)From the 12 volume series THE POWER OF CHOICE (dvd series)

for grades 9-12

featuring Michael Pritchard

In this program, comedian/teen counselor Michael Pritchard visits with teenagers in Los Angeles; Nashville; and Madison, Wisconsin, to talk about how to stay out of (or get out of) drinking/driving predicaments and still be cool. As one boy so honestly put it, "It's hard for guys like me who aren't very popular. Friendships I have with guys who brag about dope, drinking, and wild parties are important. A lot of times you just go along with it and tell yourself next time you won't do it. But then you go along with them anyway."

Objectives:Build young people's awareness of the issue of drunk driving. Show them that driving drunk, or going along with others who do, is always a matter of choice. Encourage them to anticipate when a drinking/driving situation may arise and plan alternatives. Help them to see themselves as having the power to prevent drunk driving.

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The Power of Choice: DRINKING and DRIVING (dvd) -English
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The Power of Choice: DRINKING and DRIVING (dvd)
featuring Michael Pritchard
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